WORK4CE: Cross-domain competences for healthy and safe work in the 21st century

Project Reference: 619034-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP


Work4CE will address the need for educational resources in order to prepare for the future workplace (work 4.0). Interdisciplinary curricula and modules will be developed and new forms of (virtual) university-enterprise collaboration will be deployed to improve the practical value of the curricula and the employability of the graduates. With the implementation of the successful co-production approach of lecturers, industry experts and members of professional associations new, job-related competences for the workplace of the future (Work 4.0) will be developed.

This approach will overcome the gap between academia and industry in the partner countries and equip graduates with competences to cope with the transformation of working environments, to assess where they are and where they want to go (analysis, strategy), to transform into a sustainable working environment, to consider occupational safety and health and environmental protection.

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Project Information

Project period:
15.11.2020 – 14.11.2024

Project type:
Erasmus+ KA2: Capacity Building in Higher Education
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Erasmus+ Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Capacity Building in higher education

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Grant holder:
National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic“ (NU-ZP)

Project coordinator:
Galyna Tabunshchyk

Check the information on the FH Dortmund website:

Galyna Tabunshchyk

Project goals:

  1. Development of a portfolio of 9 eLearning modules and Open Educational Resources on Work 4.0;
  2. Implementation of the co-production approach of academic and professional experts in 9 virtual Open Communities of Practice;
  3. Development of a certification system with professional standards to foster relevance for and adoption by industry;
  4. Train lecturers and company trainers and bind them to the Open Communities of Practice;
  5. Update the curricula of 8 Master programmes with modules and specialization packages;
  6. Cooperation of Master programmes in a virtual, cross-border Master School with exchange and double degrees.

Project outcomes:

  1. eLearning Modules and Educational Resources;
    1. Data Analytics for Work;
    2. Health Management in the Digital Era;
    3. Industry 4.0;
    4. Distributed Teams;
    5. Work 4.0;
    6. Safe Workplaces;
    7. Managing Digital Change;
    8. Life Cycle Thinking and Sustainable Management;
    9. Developing Digital Business Ecosystems;
  2. WORK4CE Digital Portal;
  3. Train-the-Trainer modules and workshops;
  4. OpenCoPs with ongoing co-production, release of content;
  5. Virtual Master School with specialisation packages;
  6. Curricula update and double degrees;
  7. Professional and Executive Education Packages;
  8. Digital Co-production Labs.

First-year outcomes:

Projects Documentation

Modules Development

Co-production Labs

There are no outcomes so far.

All partner organisations have the possibility to access the project supporting tools and cloud repository.

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Erasmus+ WORK4CE Project Results Dissemination by KNUCA

On June 19, 2024, at the Department of Project Management at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA), Prof. Olena Verenych...

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